Transmission Shop Henderson

Transmission Shop Henderson

Transmission shop Henderson

Your car’s transmission system is one of its most essential components. Among other functions, it’s responsible for transferring the power generated by the engine to the wheels and regulating engine speed. The importance of your transmission system is such that a seemingly minor fault could damage other parts of your car, such as the wheel and even the engine. Thus, car owners need to schedule regular visits to a transmission shop in Henderson to ensure their transmission does not develop a fault.

What happens when you visit a transmission shop in Henderson?

Your transmission needs to be regularly maintained the same way you would your engine. When you take your car to a transmission shop in Henderson for routine maintenance, they will carry out a few vital services. This would include:

  • Draining your transmission fluid
  • Cleaning or replacing the transmission fluid filter
  • Installing a new gasket on the transmission pan
  • Adding new transmission fluid

If you do not schedule regular transmission maintenance, it may be difficult to detect faults with your transmission until it’s too late. While routine maintenance may only involve transmission fluid change or transmission flush, major faults will require a rebuild or replacement.

When should I go for transmission maintenance?

Usually, car owners schedule transmission maintenance alongside their regular car maintenance. However, the transmission system may need less frequent servicing than the engine. So, you may not want to incur the extra cost every time you take your car for maintenance. You should pay extra attention to your transmission in the following situations:


Mileage limits for transmission maintenance may differ between different car models. However, 30,000 miles appear to be the mark for most cars. You can contact your local transmission experts or check your car’s manual for specific information about when to service your car’s transmission.

Low or leaking transmission fluid

Even when it’s not yet time for your scheduled transmission maintenance in Henderson, a leaking or low transmission fluid should be treated as an emergency. Leaking or low fluid will lead to difficult shifting or steering, among other problems.

Other warning signs that you need to visit a transmission shop in Henderson

Below are some other warning signs that typically point at problems with your transmission system:

  • Unusual grinding, humming, or clunking sounds from the engine area. The sound gets worse when the vehicle is in neutral
  • Feeling a grinding or thumping sensation rather than a smooth transition when switching gears
  • The clutch staying engaged and making grinding noises when trying to shift
  • Transmission popping back to neutral or slipping between gears while in motion
  • Leaking transmission fluid or burning smell  
  • A noticeable lag between gear changes
  • Steering comes with great difficulty (happens when the transmission fluid level becomes very low)

Drive into our transmission shop in Henderson

Do you need a reliable transmission shop in Henderson or its environs? United Transmission LV is the transmission specialist you can trust. We have a team of experts that are adept at diagnosing and fixing all kinds of transmission problems. Drive into our shop today, and let’s give your car the treatment it deserves.



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