Boat Repair Near Me

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Boat Repair Near Me

So, you just hit a rock, and you are wondering where a " boat repair near me" is when near the Austin, Kansas City, or Tulsa metropolitan areas? Shoreline Boat & RV Repair is your trusted neighbor, and local expert at fixing your hull and any other problems with your boat.

What is the best material for a boat?

Traditionally, boats were made from wood, but today we have different options like GRP, aluminum, or steel. Each of those has their own benefits, and, depending on the type and size of the boat, the builder will decide the right material:

  • GRP or glass reinforced fiber – it is a popular material for the construction of small to medium size boats, having the benefit of being light and inexpensive. GRP is easy to maintain and repair; just ask where the "boat repair near me" is, and you will receive a handful of options.
  • Marine grade aluminum – is light, durable, and rather expensive material. Aluminum needs either magnesium anodes in freshwater or aluminum or zinc anodes in saltwater for corrosion protection, but a part from this is almost maintenance free.
  • Steel – is too heavy for small boats, so steel is used predominantly for large commercial or non-commercial ships.

What types of damage are common for a fiberglass hull?

Before proceeding with the repair of a GRP boat, it is essential to determine if the damage is cosmetic or structural to know what to do. An accident caused by a strong impact leading to cracks or gouges may be a structural one, so we have to take special care when restoring the boat’s integrity.

  • Cracks – appears where the hull is abnormally flexing. For example, if the seats are in the wrong spot, the fiber cannot support the weight and will crack. To repair a crack, the surrounding area is cleaned and sandpapered in depth to expose the damage. The place will then be covered with layers of resin and fiber to restore hull integrity.
  • Gouges – are caused by sharp objects penetrating the hull. A gouge has to be deep and potentially large enough to cover some reinforced areas of the boat to be structurally damaging. Repairing a gouge will be similar to fixing a crack, but typically the hollow needed to be repaired is smaller.
  • Abrasions – are the most frequent repair needed for a fiberglass hull, as they can be easily caused by simply misplacing a dumper while docking. Abrasions do need to be addressed quickly as it may remove the paint, leaving the fiberglass exposed to additional water and sun damage.

Regardless of the type of damage to your boat’s hull, it is best to fix it at the earliest time possible to avoid water getting into fiber and forming blisters. Ask your friends where you can find a reliable "boat repair near me," and then contact Shoreline Boat & RV Repair for an estimate on your repair.

How often should a boat be serviced?

Usually, a boat will require service every year to maintain the integrity of the hull and ensure it functions properly. . The manufacturer will give you detailed information about the recommended scheduled maintenance.

In case you cannot find these details, at Shoreline Boat & RV Repair, we can advise you based on our experience. We will perform an initial inspection of your boat, and then present an estimate of any maintenance work that is needed and recommended. Call today to make an appointment for your boat repair with our boat repair specialists at Shoreline Boat & RV Repair!

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