Auto Body Expert Hillsboro

Article provided by: Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center

Auto Body Expert Hillsboro

Most people have experienced damage to their car from time to time. When you need to get repairs to your vehicle you want to count on an auto body expert in Hillsboro that will get the job done correctly and on time. Don’t take your car to a shop that makes substandard repairs. It could lead to problems in the future including safety hazards.

How Do I Choose An Auto Body Expert in Hillsboro?

Choose an auto body expert in Hillsboro with a reputation for providing high-quality repair services. Look for a company that has Gold Class status. Gold Class means that the company has the expertise and experience to handle your repairs in a professional manner. Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center is one of only a few companies that have Gold Class status since only about 10 percent of body shops have this classification. Our team of technicians has ongoing training to ensure that they fix your vehicle correctly.

Tips for Obtaining an Estimate for Repairs

It is a good idea to obtain an estimate from an auto body expert in Hillsboro before you get the work done. You want to make sure that the shop restores your car to the same perfect condition that it was in before you were in the accident. Keep in mind that sometimes the damage is hidden so the technician should examine your car thoroughly to get a complete estimate. The last thing you need is to get your car fixed only to find out that there is additional damage that the shop did not repair. If you want to compare estimates between shops make sure that you get the same damage estimate so you can do a proper review.

Will My Car Insurance Cover Auto Body Repairs?

Many times your car insurance or the car insurance of the responsible driver will cover the costs of auto repairs. An auto body expert in Hillsboro works with the insurance company when necessary to resolve issues of coverage and costs. Remember that the insurance adjuster will usually only approve repairs as long as the price is less than the market value of your car. If the losses exceed the amount of your vehicle, you might have to consider other alternatives.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want your car properly fixed so that it is safe to drive and won’t be a concern to you or your family.

How Long Will It Take To Fix My Car?

The length of time it will take to repair your car depends on the extent of damage. The technician will give you an estimate of the time it will take to repair your vehicle. If you have a rental car as part of your insurance coverage, you will be able to rent a car while yours is in the shop.

Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center has certification in both Chevrolet and GM repairs. We have a skilled team in place to restore your car to its original condition. Contact our center to schedule an appointment.

Auto Body Expert Hillsboro
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